Stefania Pinsone



This is The SCREAMM PROJECT. We would like to introduce an artist from Switzerland:

Stefania Pinsone

Painter exploring the distortion of images seen through a screen

Q. Does your current behavior align with your internal standards and values? Please describe how they do or do not align.
A. I am trying, as an artist to be coherent with my ideal of artistic research against the mainstream, purpose of art as intellectual mean, personal artistic achievement, and personal discipline, in order not to "make" art, but to be a believable artist.

Q. Create an unforgettable experience for yourself whether it is small, nerve-wracking, funny, impactful, etc. You are creator of your own world. Please share your experience or past experience with creativity.
A.I was a high school teacher in another country, but I was unsatisfied and frustrated because of both the religious background of the school and the economical hardship of my country which was fostering a reactionary policy. I have felt that this condition was undermining my female identity and self confidence. I left my job and my country and I created a new identity for me, as an artist and graphic designer.

Q. Quiet your mind, surround yourself with nature whether it's in a flower field, park, national forest, lake, mountain, garden, etc. It is the most rewarding feeling. Please share your experience or a past experience.
A. Another important part of my change was to become vegan and chosen to live in the countryside - but well connected with the big city - in a house with a big garden. Now I have 10 fruit trees, a vegetable garden and a flower garden. I bought two insect hotel in order to be sure that bees and ladybugs can remain in my garden and do their great job!

Q. Challenge yourself to express a thought or emotion through a form not common to you. i.e painting, dancing, singing, poetry, etc. Share these moments.
A. Even if it is indeed my profession to be a painter, I never forget that there a big passion behind it. I do it everyday, for at least 4 hours...

Q. Allow it to move you in a way never done before whether you visit your local art museum, gallery, or simply watching something unexpected. Art is art and there are many forms of it. Possibilities are infinite.
A. I graduated in History of art... Indeed all my travelings a re culture and art related... Even more I understand a lot of what I visit and watch!

Q. Close your eyes and feel the beat, the sound, the lyrics, and allow your body to move. Who knows, birds could be music to your ears. Walk us through your experience.
A. I do this in the spring time: birds are waking me up in the morning. Some of them are living in my garden permanently... I walk in my garden to relax senses...

Q. Moment of stillness. Witness the experience and share the outcome.
A. I work during the night. Always. When everything is still. Even social media are silent... everyone sleep. I enjoy then meditative music...