Niamey Thomas



This is The Screamm Project, a global campaign that brings together a collective of diverse individuals to express their truth through vulnerability by sharing experiences of overcoming obstacles through ART, COLLABORATION, and EXPRESSION to drive the future of ending depression.

FEATURING Niamey Thomas

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you read, I AM ______?

What event or moment occurred that led you towards your passion and what is your passion?
My passion is people, inspiring people, encouraging people, advocating for people and living in community.

What do you think is one or more key elements (Self Awareness, Creativity, Reflecting in Nature, Expression, Art, Music, or Mindful Living, actions, etc., that helped you overcome obstacles today?
God, Creativity, Dance, Meditation, Character, My desire for peace

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from a past experience that you carry with you?
For God I live and for God I die.

Who inspires you?
Michelle Obama her confidence and self assurance is amazing!


Tiesha Harrison