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This is The Screamm Project, a global campaign that brings together a collective of diverse individuals to express their truth through vulnerability by sharing experiences of overcoming obstacles through ART, COLLABORATION, and EXPRESSION to drive the future of ending depression.

Featuring Katy Sloane - Artist - Reiki Master - Mother IG: @katysloaneart @katysloane 
Website: www.katysloane.com

In 2010 I had my daughter Gracie at the age of 26 in Liverpool, England. I had a difficult labor which resulted in me having an emergency C section. That was the smooth part!
After having Gracie I got seriously ill and was rushed back in to hospital when she was 4 days old with a major uterine infection. I was so critically ill I couldn't look after Gracie or have her with me at the hospital, this was extremely traumatic for me as a new mum. It was in this moment of desperation that I went inward and started to ask the universe and my angels for help. From the moment I did this I felt surrounded by a calming, peaceful energy and I knew that I was being looked after and everything would be ok.

Once I was released from hospital and went home to look after my beautiful baby girl I continued to ask the angels for help. I would constantly receive physical signs from them, such as white feathers, seeing the number sequence 1111 and white butterflies just seemed to follow me around!

After being at my lowest point I started to look at things differently, I enjoyed every moment of being outdoors and taking Gracie for walks in nature. I would actually stop and smell the flowers, and consciously listen to the sound of the birds singing while breathing in the crisp, fresh air of the English Countryside. I had a new found gratitude for the ‘little things’ in life.
I continued to connect with angels through meditation and reading as many books about angels as I could. I was hooked and I wanted to learn more about these wonderful celestial beings that are all around us.

In 2011 my sister gave birth to her son, my beautiful nephew Stanley. What should have been one of the happiest times was over run by fear and devastation as we learned that Stanley had a rare and serious bowel defect and would have to undergo major operations from 1 day old. It was heartbreaking for us all but especially for my sister and her husband.

Again I went inward and asked the angels to help us. I had an overwhelming feeling that more could be done to help Stanley, something that would surpass the physical. I scoured the internet and felt guided towards the healing practice of ‘Reiki’. I had no idea what Reiki was but as fate would have it, that weekend there was a Reiki course taking place 1 mile up the road from where my sister and I lived, and as if that wasn't serendipitous enough the Reiki Master teaching the course happened to be an old friend of the family!

I quickly text my sister, ”I'm booking on to a reiki energy healing course, it's going to help Stanley”. Initially, I thought she's going to think I have lost my mind but to my surprise she replied back immediately..."Is there space for me too?".
The rest is history. 
We both embarked on our Reiki One course and received our attunement that weekend. After each of Stanley's op's we gave him Reiki healing. The results were beyond what we could have imagined...they were amazing! Stanley was released from the hospital and recovered from each of his ops super quick and we knew that Reiki was the catalyst. Eight years later Stanley is doing great and my sister and I are now Reiki Masters and teachers with our own certification program, allowing us to teach Reiki to people all over the world. (more info at www.katysloane.com)

There have been huge changes over the 8 years. I moved to Los Angeles with my husband and daughter and gave birth in 2016 to my American born son, Lennon. Having the tool of meditation and a strong connection to my angels and guides has helped me to surpass the stresses of such huge changes and truly embrace life’s adventures, knowing that I am completely supported by the universe.

Now that I have planted my roots in the city of angels I am taking my healing work a step further and channeling it into artwork. With a strong artistic background and a BA with honors in fashion design it is a dream to be able to combine Art and Reiki. I love nothing more than pulling out a blank canvas and creating something magical that will help others connect to their inner light.

Through the darkest of times comes great light!

<3 Katy Sloane


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