Katie Brown


This is The Screamm Project, a global campaign that brings together a collective of diverse individuals to express their truth through vulnerability by sharing experiences of overcoming obstacles through ART, COLLABORATION, and EXPRESSION to drive the future of ending depression.


I AM LOVE. Love conquers all and I believe in love through life, spirit and God.

What event or moment occurred that led you to your passion and what is your passion?

I became passionate about who I wanted to become when I graduated from college. Their was something different inside of me when I graduated because that was the first time I felt like I could accomplish great things. I was going through so much during that time and use that defeat to become one with myself and learn from my mistakes to understand what kind of person I needed to become.

I am passionate about people! I love people and I love love! I think people need love to make them better and from my perspective love is the only thing that can purely move people to be better or worse for themselves or others. I honestly believe the Earth was created especially for humans and I believe that we the people need to understand that we all are made for each other to help each other become better for one another. I love when I meet people and we are able to connect from agreeing and disagreeing. Life is such a beautiful thing and love is the drive that keeps life going.

What key elements, actions, etc., helped you overcome the obstacles in your life?

The challenges that I faced in my life started off being self-inflicted in my life but journey has allowed me to take responsibility for who I am and learn about myself to grow into this vessel of love. I was able to understand in order to implement change in the world I need to implement change within myself and help others understand their greatness and view the their change that needs to come from within.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from a past experience that you carry with you when making the next move in life?

The most important lesson I have learned is that being honest is the key to keeping a strong foundation. Honesty not only presents understanding it holds a level of truth that will carry your future endeavors farther than you can fathom. I believe that love is the center of that honest applied in anything that we do. When you love what you are passionate about you will be honest on all accords about how to move in business. My past experiences is the reason why I’m able to write this today and I am very grateful for what and who I am today.

What relationship do you have with these components in your life? Please explain how any of 7 components impacted your life.


Self Awareness: Understanding that what you put out is what you get back! Taking accountability for who you are is very important and necessary when understanding who you want to be and the greatness that one sees may help them release that greatness into the universe.

Creativity: Being a creative is a unique gift and looking outside of the box but also loving the foundation inside the box helps one understand the different dimensions and levels that creativity can take you. Don’t be afraid to be different and also loving what you don’t understand can help open a portal beauty that comes from your soul that has a feeling connected to it.

Reflection: By knowing where you have been helps you create a path to know where you are going! Sometimes the past, present, and future is happening at one time and we get caught up in life and forget that those phases of life are to teach us about life and ourselves. We have to understand that when we become one, the universe moves in a patient level that helps us soar in the future.

Expression: Living out your natural being is one of the most beautiful things about life. Being able to be myself has helped me with accepting who I am for what I am for what I am to become. Living in the truest form of one self is a gift that comes to a person when they connect with the divine sense of their self.

Art: Understanding that Art is all around us. Learning to look at the Beauty within all things is a form of art that gives life its meaning. When creating anything the love and passion behind the creation forms an art that drives the creator to become greater in that universe of the creation.

Music: Sounds and vibrations are why we love! Hearing a heartbeat and feeling a heartbeat does something to us as people that we will never be able to understand. At the same time it's the reason why we procreate not just with humans but with things that are initiated in the truest form of itself. The feelings we get from sound help us elevate and never let go of the feeling of truth.

Mindful Living: Living to be the best and truest form of myself is my daily goal. I want to fulfill my purpose of being a healer of the people and providing a love that is divine and God given. I am able to accomplish that goal on a daily basis and I would love to continue my journey by helping others do the same for everyone as well. Being mindful of the universe teaches me how to move in the world and go where love is needed and given.

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