Erin Schaut

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This is The Screamm Project, a global campaign that brings together a collective of diverse individuals to express their truth through vulnerability by sharing experiences of overcoming obstacles through ART, COLLABORATION, and EXPRESSION to drive the future of ending depression.

FEATURING Erin Schaut who lives in Atlanta GA.


What message would you say to someone who is in need of help, motivation or inspiration?

I would suggest this person to find their joy and gratitude. Even as a creative artist, it can be so challenging not to feel trapped by responsibilities and obligations. We often compare ourselves to others and put a lot of our value on whether or not people like our art. At the beginning of the year I was feeling so depressed and bogged down. One morning I wrote down all the things I did everyday and each item on the list was something that was either an obligation or expectation someone else had of me. I decided right then that everyday I would allow myself pure joy. Some days that means walking outside and hearing birds chirping and feeling such immense joy and gratitude that I can hear that sound, other days it’s a spontaneous adventure or connecting with a person I love and filling up with the joy and gratitude that comes with being with that person. You will never feel “motivation” or as I have come to call it, inspired action, if you don’t like the things you are doing. Find your joy and allow yourself to experience it! The Universe, your Inner Being, God...whatever you call it that casts light on you wants you to be happy and joyous and completely fulfilled! Begin and end each day with gratitude and this will bring you closer to joy and you will start attracting more things to be joyous for!

What is your S.C.R.E.A.M.M? Please share your experience of how you OVERCAME OBSTACLES OR STRUGGLES in your life with 1 or more of the 7 components of S.C.R.E.A.M.M (Self Awareness, Creativity, Reflection in Nature, Expression, Art, Music, Meditation)

I have a really difficult time trusting people. From being brought up by a single Mom who taught me to always be extremely cautious with strangers to experiences of betrayals from people I thought were closest to me, it has been really difficult to allow myself to open up. I usually listen to others rather than share things about myself. And I have a very difficult time asking for help. When someone you love hurts you, it can be extremely damaging to your mental health. You constantly blame yourself, criticize yourself and simply lack self love. It creates anxiety and I often isolate myself. Meditation has allowed me to connect so deeply with myself that I find more and more reasons to love myself every day. Letting all the chatter in our minds stop and come to realize that most of that chatter is a made up narrative based on our conditioning and perceptions, not in actual truth. It has made me so much more aware of my feelings and quick reactions that I am able to understand myself and others a lot more. I simply feel so much more at peace and so much more confident. I use binaural beats to help connect me even deeper sometimes. The vibrations of certain music can effect the cells in your brain and body, promoting that great feeling we all get after meditation, and helps me maintain my zen throughout the day. Time in nature always grounds me. I love meditating in nature, listening to the birds sing, feel dirt under my bare feet, hug trees...there’s a pure and cleansing energy within nature that always brings me back to my true self. And when it comes to my art and my expression, the more I remember that I am an actor because I love telling stories people might never hear about...that this story might impact only one person in an immense way...that is enough for me. Knowing that brings me back to myself, my purpose and my joy.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from a past experience that you carry with you when making the next move in life?

Everything happens for a specific and important reason. I can look back at my life and know that even the most difficult, most hurtful moments all lead me to knowing what I know today and being the person I am today. I have the privilege of living in an amazing place with wonderful people. I get to pursue my dream every day and I share an amazing love with the man of my dreams. I can look back at those hurtful moments and say thank you to them, because they brought me to where I am today.

All photos by David Martin


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