Elena Breese

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This is The Screamm Project, a global campaign that brings together a collective of diverse individuals to express their truth through vulnerability by sharing experiences of overcoming obstacles through ART, COLLABORATION, and EXPRESSION to drive the future of ending depression.

Featuring Elena Flores-Breese: http://stillbloomingme.com/

I've used several S.C.R.E.A.M.M components during my healing journey and all have helped me tremendously, especially creativity and expression. When I was admitted into a psychiatric hospital I began keeping a journal as a way to keep track of my healing journey. It became very cathartic. Soon I felt a calling to share my story as a Boston Marathon bombing survivor and my experience living with PTSD. I began sharing the natural resourced I was finding healing in and soon it took off. Now I have readers in over 70 countries. I hope that by sharing my experience I am inspiring others like me to heal their own way.

I would encourage anyone who is suffering from mental challenges to speak up about their experience. Depression touches so many people and I believe the more we talk about it and share our experiences with it then the more others will understand that it. Also, I find the more we share our experiences the less alone we feel and that is so important when you are living with mental challenges.


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