Cemone Glinton

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This is The Screamm Project, a global campaign that brings together a collective of diverse individuals to express their truth through vulnerability by sharing experiences of overcoming obstacles through ART, COLLABORATION, and EXPRESSION to drive the future of ending depression.

FEATURING cemone glinton.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you read, I AM.... 
I AM Unstoppable!

What event or moment occurred that led you to your passion, how did you overcome the obstacle and what is your passion? Event that lead me to my passion was being fired three times within a 3 year span and the feeling that came from it. Asking myself questions like; what’s wrong with me and why is this happening to me again. Not to mention being broke and feeling as if I was unable to provide for myself and child, it’s the worst feeling for any single mother.

How does creativity helped you overcome obstacles? 
Cemone: Being able to express myself is a release for me, whenever I’m feeling stuck on something, I do things like write and read. Letting my creative juices flow allows me to go back to reality with a fresh view, feeling destressed and ready to face my challenges.

Walk us through how nature help you in your daily life. How do you feel? What do you see? 
Cemone: I have a garden at home and one of my favorite things to do is just sit among the tress, feel the wind and listen to the birds. It relaxes me and gives me a sense of peace. More importantly it reminds me that, “I’ve got this” and that everything is perfect.

What is your way of expression? 
Cemone: I love to eat, not over eat BUT I love and enjoy food and I think my best way to express myself is being surrounded by my tribe, sharing, laughing and eating.

What type of music do you listen to? I listen to everything, Cemone: I’m an island girl so I love my soca and calypso BUT really and truly if it has a great beat and I’m feeling it – I’ll listen to it…You name it from Cardi B to Dave Mathews Band – it’s all on my playlist

Try it, Find a youtube video or sit in silence for at least 15 minutes. Reflect.
Cemone: It’s all invented – You really are the master of your own life. Everything and anything is possible, take a lot to be the best BUT it’s all possible.


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